Sea of Hope

VARIETY sea of hope

sea of hope

A healing program where celebrities will present their own music and homemade dishes at a live bar next to the mysterious and beautiful sea. The variety show revolves around three key words: sea, bar, and wish. The guests who visit will be able to get out of their daily lives and spend a special day with the cool ocean, music, and delicious food. Actress Lee Ji Ah will be heading the cast as the main chef of the seaside bar, while Lee Dong Wook will serve as the main bartender. Actress Kim Go Eun will demonstrate her love for the ocean as a lifeguard and server, while Yoon Jong Shin and Suhyun will handle the music. Last but not least, SHINee’s leader Onew will handle desserts as the baker of the team.
  • Lee Ji Ah
  • Yoon Jong Shin
  • AKMU Lee Suhyun
  • Kim Go Eun
  • Lee Dong Wook
  • SHINee Onew

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