Kick A Goal Episode 3

watch Kick A Goal Episode 3 english subtitle

5 comments on “Kick A Goal Episode 3”

  1. vamong says:

    how long does it take for eps 3 to have 720p quality?

  2. vamong says:

    thanks. now it has 720p option. idk what did i do wrong but yesterday it didnt have quality options, like you can see in this pic ( i dont see any quality option on ep 2 of sixth sense season 2 too. its 360p by default. thats why i asked.

  3. vamong says:

    and 720p is gone again ( ). episode 1 and 2 working just fine though. i can see both 360 and 720 option on ep 1 and 2.

  4. vamong says:

    so, after some trial and error i ve found the solution. i need to clear the caches and cookies from the site and for some cases, have to sign out from my google account to be able to see the 720p. sigh, digital thing confuses me sometimes. im sorry for wasting your time and whining so much here.

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